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Shichi-Go-San Shrine/Hatsumiya Shrine/

Shrine visits, groundbreaking ceremonies, etc.
*Reception hours 10:00-16:00


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*Reception hours 

●Winter time: 8:00-14:00

​●Summer time: 8:00-16:00

Hikawa Shrine festival

Shishimai at Hikawa Shrine

​◆Hikawa Shrine History

Hikawa Shrine, located near Takaosanguchi Station, is said to have its origins in the Oei era (1394-1428), when the lord of Katakura castle, Oue Bichu-no-Kami Morichika, solicited the enshrined deity of Musashi Ichinomiya Hikawa Shrine.It is said that it used to be located in Omaki, Shimonugidamura-Oomaki (Kunugida-cho), and was rebuilt in 1662.Currently, it is revered by the locals as the guardian deity of the Takao area, and during the festival on the third Saturday and Sunday in August, a mikoshi parade and a lion dance are held.

​◆Shishimai (Lion Dance) at Hikawa Shrine

The Three Shishimai, a dance performed by groups of three people wearing masks called lions or dragons, is currently being performed at eight locations in Hachioji.One of these, the Hikawa Shrine's Shishimai, was separated from the Hazama Shishimai in 1871 due to administrative division changes, and is still performed today to pray for rich harvests and peace.Shishimai is dedicated on the third Saturday and Sunday of August at Kumano Shrine in Higashi Asakawa-cho and the following Sunday at Hikawa Shrine.

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Hikawa Shrine

〈Hikawa Shrine at the foot of Mt.〉

Summer festival lion dance.jpg

〈Summer Festival Shishimai〉

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